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Semester-2 Syllabus - B. Pharmacy

Semester-2 Syllabus of B. Pharmacy according to Gujarat Technological University by Rx Pharma Education. there are you have all Subjects of Semester-2 Syllabus File view Online and Download it in your device. all Syllabus file and it’s content create and made by Gujarat Technological University(GTU). Rx Pharma provide to you for education study and you know about what Topics and Theories in Syllabus which study in Semester-2.

There are provide subject wise syllabus  file for you to for view syllabus online. if you want to save file in your device to you able to download PDF file of Semester-2 Syllabus. there are you download all subject’s Syllabus of Semester-2 on Only one PDF with combine every Subject Syllabus File and also Separated Subject wise Syllabus File Download. So what you want, we provide you.


 1. Human Anatomy & Physiology-2 [HAP-2] :: (BP201TP)

 2. Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry-1 (BP202TP)

 3Pharmaceutical Engineering (BP203TP)

 4. Computer Application in Pharmacy  (BP204TP)

 5. Environmental Science (BP205TT)

Semester-2 All Subjects Syllabus in One PDF File…

All Subjects of Semester-2 Syllabus in One PDF File. click below button and download it in your device.


Human Anatomy & Physiology-2

Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry-1

Pharmaceutical Enginnering

Computer Apllication in Pharmacy

Environmental Science

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