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 1. Biostatistics and Research Methodology (BP801TT)*

 2Social and Preventive Pharmacy (BP802TT)*

 3. Pharma Marketing Management (BP803TT)

 4. Pharmaceutical Regulatory science (BP804TT)


 6. Quality Control and standardization of Herbals (BP806TT)

 7Computer Aided Drug Design (BP807TT)

 8. Cell and Molecular Biology (BP808TT)

 9. Cosmetic Science (BP809TT)

 10. Experimental Pharmacology (BP810TT)

 11. Advanced Instrumentation Techniques (BP811TT)

 12. Dietary Supplements and Nutraceuticals (BP812TT)

 13. Project Work (BP813PP)*

 14. Pharmaceutical Product Development (BP814TT)

 15. Epidemiology (BP815TT)

Subject Name with it’s Subject Code according to GTU(Gujarat Technological University) in Bracket.

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Pharmaceutical Product Development PYQs – GTU

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Dietary Supplements and Nutraceuticals PYQs – GTU

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Advanced Instrumentation Techniques PYQs – GTU

Advanced Instrumentation Techniques PYQs – GTU

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