How to Upload Notes on Rx Pharma

Open Rx Pharma Education Website.


Swipe up to Open Website

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Scroll Down on Homepage and there you see services section. so there are click on "Notes Sharing"  for Upload and Download Notes.

Click on this "Notes Sharing" card on Home page.


There you see Two Buttons. Upload & Download Notes.

Below Image Button to show on Notes Sharing Page.

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Upload Your Notes to Click on "Upload Notes" Button.

There you see Subjects Name as Semester wise.

Step - 4 

Click on subjects which notes you want to Upload...

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to click on Subject to Open Notes Uploading Form. so There you fill up full form and also upload Your Notes with Form.

Forms look like this...

Once you Upload Your Notes to we will verify it and after verified your notes to automatically place on Specific Subject's Notes Page.

Download B. Pharmacy Notes to Swipe Up and Download Notes.

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